Huisgenoot, 5 June 2014

Huisgenoot_05 Junie 2014

Francois Hougaard is dating model Chelsea le Roux. It’s official, because it’s on Huisgenoot ;-). But have a look… Huisgenoot actually replicated (possibly without even knowing) the Men’s Health Sex issue cover that she appeared on with model Mias van der Westhuizen (July 2013, see below)! Well, kinda… But still enough similarities to point it out :-).

Here’s something interesting…:

Chelsea dated Mias previously (Highschool sweethearts aparently) and now Francois Hougaard, with the same cover poses together…

You can view more steamy images of Chelsea, that appeared in Men’s Health, right here

Mens Health 7 July 2013

Mens Health 7 July 2013 bag

Screen shot 2013-07-01 at 9.46.18 AM


2 thoughts on “Huisgenoot, 5 June 2014

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  2. The Huisgenoot shoot wasn’t set up. The pic they used is outtake from a few of extra, playful shots taken at the end of a test shoot for Chelsea. So the cover pose is a pure co-incidence!

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