Cosmopolitan South Africa, July 2014 (Katy Perry on 62 covers world-wide!)

Cosmopolitan - July 2014

I know, there’s nothing especially “WOW” about the July 2014 cover of Cosmopolitan South African but, when you put all the July 2014 Cosmopolitan covers of all the international versions together, you get a completely different picture! Yip, Katy Perry is the first person ever to appear on every single cover of all 62 July 2014-editions published all over the world!

I was only able to trace some of the covers as the July 2014 issues of most of the countries are only published a bit later. You can read more about this here.

Cosmopolitan, Australia

Cosmo Australia

Cosmopolitan, Germany

Cosmo Germany

Cosmopolitan Lithuania

Cosmo Lithuania

Cosmopolitan Singapore

Cosmo Singapore

Cosmopolitan Spain

Cosmo Spain

Cosmopolitan UK

Cosmo UK

Cosmopolitan USA

Cosmo US

Cosmopolitan En Español


More covers to be uploaded once published by the various countries…

Cosmopolitan South Africa

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