Heat South Africa, 3 July 2014

Heat - 03 July 2014

So last week Thursday “The Heat Show – Served with extra Juice” started on CliffCentral, presented by heat South Africa editor André Neveling and TheJuice.co.za’s editor Jessica Levitt. You can listen to their past 2 episodes/podcasts right here. It’s really not BAD-BAD, but I do think they can juice it up and give it a bit more heat… 

The bad:

  • Their intro is of very poor quality and production value (Listen to the 19 June 2014 podcast, just the first 10 seconds, to hear what I’m talking about).
  • It’s a lot of talking. A lot.

So are people actually listening, and should they?

Well, I don’t know what the stats are of CliffCentral and the specific shows, and not sure when/if they’ll be made public, but it was very recently announced the Comedy Central will not continue to air the live morning show on TV. But I think people should be listening, especially massive heat Fans.

But I think there’s definitely room to improve The Heat Show on CliffCentral, so I’ve made a few suggestions which they are welcome to use if they feel like it:

  • Invite more people to phone in, like “John” in episode 2. It really adds value and was quite interesting.
  • Make use of #TheHeatShow more. So when you talk about the new cover, Tweet a picture of the new cover. And when talking about a specific article in the magazine that’s of visual importance, you can also tweet of a picture of the article (like what you did with the Hottie of The Week last week). André could hold up the page, and that way no one can ‘read’ the article, but will get an idea of what the current 5 or 10 minute discussion is all about.  It will help give context to those of us listening.
  • If these types of tweets and conversations are happening live, it will also tempt people to listen in.
  • I know it’s early days, but there are some easy ways to have a more ‘produced’ show every week: You can easily play funny/interesting/embarrassing soundbites that were released (like on Jason’s The Buzz show on CliffCentral). For example, if Emma Stone has a funny interview with an 8 year old. Or like when Justin Bieber gave so much attitude during his deposition. Or locally, soundbites from when the SA’s Got Talents or Idols winner is announced. Just as examples.
  • You have a Little Black Book of telephone numbers of South African celebrities. Use it 🙂
  • A section that is very under-rated, is “Psssst…” in “News in Brief”. That section could also make out part of the show, as you can give some extra dirt or information, as you can’t say too much in the magazine.

The two main presenters have a lot of chemistry, so it’s actually fun to listen to. But after a while it gets a bit same old same old, so I think the above could help break these long discussions some times.

I do think this show has a space on CliffCentral, so I just hope they get the necessary support and help to improve it a bit more :-).

Good luck guys! I’ll be listening every week…

You can listen to their podcasts here. 

Heat South Africa

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