Men’s Health South Africa, July 2014 (ANNUAL SEX ISSUE)

Men's Health - July 2014

It’s that time of the year again where it’s all about SEX, SEX, SEX* :-). That’s right, it’s Men’s Health and Women’s Healths’ annual Sex Issue where they delve into the bedtime stories of their readers, to give insight into the facts and make others feel less awkward about their sexcapades…

*The bulk of the issue is still the same as the previous issues, only with a section of the magazine focusing on the above.

You can view some of the interesting facts below in the press release.

I personally love these types of issues, as they’re always interesting and fun to read, but looking at them as a collection, it seems like same old same old… Especially when it comes to the cover treatments. I’m just thinking/wondering if there’s no other way to also make it stand out, but still be creative…? Why does every issue the past 4 years have to have male-female-combination, male-facing-forward-female-turned-to-side, Female-with-black-lingerie, male-and-female-in-denim-pants…?

Just an observation…

Men’s Health, July 2011

Men's Health 9 July 2011

Men’s Health, July 2012

Mens Health 7 July 2012


Men’s Health, July 2013

Mens Health 7 July 2013

That being said, I looked forward to reading the stats in detail, but here’s a teaser of what you can expect of some of the pages… there’s a lot more, but I of course don’t want to give it all away. Foreplay is always good… 🙂

You can buy the digital issue from MySubs right here. 

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Press Release:


It’s that time of the year again – when Women’s and Men’s Health turn up the heat with their annual Sex Issue – featuring results from a sex survey based on a combined 2800 readers’ deepest, darkest (and sometimes strangest) desires!

The survey, in its 5th year running, takes a slightly different approach in 2014 – with Women’s Health posing question for Men’s Health readers and vice versa – giving readers the chance to find out exactly what the opposite sex is thinking when it comes to misbehaving in the bedroom.

So what were the results? Here’s a glimpse of some of the saucy stats uncovered, as well as some of the naughty things SA’s top radio DJ’s are thinking!

What Women’s Health readers had to say:

  • SA’S sexiest city is… Durban! Yes, the banana boys are having sex 2.3 times a week.
  • Joburg – single and ready to mingle with the most singles – 25% reportedly single
  • Pretoria – the land of mistrust! 40% of respondents said they had cheated
  • Who have had the most sexual partners? Cape Town women come out tops – with 24% having more than 10 partners previously
  • 30% of our women would like to dress up or role play in the bedroom.
  • 41% admitted to cheating on a partner in the past! Yet 7 out of 10 would not take back a cheating partner.
  • …And, the biggest mistakes men make in the bedroom? rushing foreplay.

SA’s hottest Djs share what goes on behind their closed doors with Women’s Health!

  • 60% of radio Djs love a sexy morning wake-up
  • 80% of radio Djs either shave their nether regions completely, or trim regularly
  • 40% of radio Djs have starred in their personal porno
  • Half of radio Djs have had a threesome

What Men’s Health readers’ had to say?

  • 36% MH guys who wish you’d communicate more in bed.
  • 38% MH guys who notice your face or eyes first. A close second: your breasts or butt. (No surprises there.)
  • 67% MH guys who don’t really want to know how many men you’ve slept with.
  • Lastly, and most surprisingly 23% MH guys have faked an orgasm

Social media also seems to play an important role in sexual behaviour. “One of the most revealing facts we’ve learnt from in the past year is that technology is playing an increasing role in meeting, flirting and courting”, says Jason Brown, Men’s Health Editor. “Social media is a hotbed of sexual activity, especially with apps like Tinder – it’s changing the dynamics of the sex game. But, as we discovered, it’s no replacement for taking note of some key sexual skills in – and out – of the bedroom”.

For more saucy stats and revelations from the annual Women’s and Men’s Health Sex Issue grab a copy of the magazine – on sale on Wednesday the 25th June!

Men’s Health South Africa

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