Lose It!, Volume 2

Lose It - Volume 2

One thing is safe to say: Lose It! magazine was/is a run away success! It was sold out it MANY stores with dozens of people complaining they can’t find it, either on Twitter, or even on my blog post, or direct e-mail address, begging for an issue. My post about the launch issue is also constantly the most read post!

So now the 2nd issue is out, and Media24 has printed thousands more copies to cope with the demand! I’m told that they also sold more than 2 000 digital copies, which is AMAZING! (You can buy the 2nd issue via MySubs right here)

So I bought the copy myself to see what it’s all about, and I was quite taken aback with the R49 cover price… I just put the magazine in my shopping basket with 2 other small things, and when I had to pay R100 for just 3 items, I had to double check if they didn’t make an error… I’m sure this is what many other people think also, especially because the magazine is quite thin and comes in at only 84 pages.. But here’s the thing; they have none, like in ZERO, ads pages in the magazine, which is not something you see to regularly. Especially not with such a great selling magazine! (But I do wonder what the reason for no ads are…). But that is part of the reason for the higher cover price.

But here’s another thing… I’m told by sources that Tim Noakes (THE guy behind The Banting Way) is actually not involved directly with the magazine, and actually didn’t give permission to have his name directly linked to it… For fear of getting a letter from a lawyer, I’ll rather leave that comment right there…

You can visit their website here and read about more of the success stories;

Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 9.33.42 AM

Lose It!

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