Huisgenoot, 24 July 2014

Huisgenoot_24 Julie 2014

Fast Forward 5 years, and we’re reading about the JoostGate chick Marlize van Emmenis again. This time, she’s apologizing to Joost van der Westhuizen and talking exclusively to Huisgenoot and YOU magazines!

I’m sure almost every South African remembers when Rugby captain Joost van der Westhuizen fell from Hero to basically Zero…JoostGate! Joost’s Sex and Drug video was a Heat South Africa exclusive, but it really spread like a wild fire when Afrikaans Sunday newspaper Rapport had it on their front page! I can still remember clearly how this was just about all everyone could talk about! Every detail was discussed; from the holes in the underwear, to the penis size (when he said he’s is smaller than the guy in the video, so it can’t be him in the video).

I always thought it was basically impossible to delete something off the Internet, so I’m really (REALLY!) surprised that I couldn’t find any trace of the video anywhere! If you could find it, please send me the link…

The ‘proof’ remaining are some screenshots (see below), and of course his reputation that went down after that and the dozens of covers that followed afterwards! (You can view his cover-archive right here!)

Joost 3 Joost 1 Joost 2

The story really had a life of it’s own…!

Marilize van Emmenis

Everyone wanted to get a scoop, and FHM South Africa jumped right on board with a lingerie shoot with Marlize van Emmenis…

This was probably one of the biggest ‘scoops’ Heat South Africa has ever had, and really put them into the spotlight as a South African gossip magazine, so they really rode this train for as long as they could… From going with Marlize when she went for a Polygraph test…

… To going shopping with her for bra’s, just 2 weeks after she had her breasts done! (No comment…)

For the full story and apology, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow’s Huisgenoot and YOU. But to catch up on Joost’s cover-stories over the past few years, you’re welcome to look at his Joost-Archive. It’s start from the latest, so you’ll have to go back to the beginning for everything.


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