Huisgenoot, 31 July 2014

Huisgenoot_31 Julie 2014

Do you see Jurie Els on the top right of the latest Huisgenoot cover, looking all happy? Do you remember the big bomb that exploded in 2008 when young singer Robbie Klay made accusations that Jurie Els (his mentor and friend) sexually molested him when he was just a boy?

It was massive news, especially in the Afrikaans community, and I can still remember the Huisgenoot cover and article that was censored (see below as example – couldn’t find anything else…), as Jurie was busy with an interdict against Huisgenoot / Media24.

But it actually wasn’t Huisgenoot that ‘broke’ the story. It was actually Beeld than ran with the first article on 11 February 2008, with Robbie just referring to an “oom” (uncle) who molested him.


But Huisgenoot / Media24 and (then editor) Esmaré Weideman (amongst others) were sued by Jurie Els for R5 million!

After a long court battle, he only walked away with R75 000, and he was found not guilty of claims made by Robbie… (no comment)

I was actually able to find the original court papers of this court case (between Jurie and Esmaré/Media24), which makes for extremely interesting reading as a lot was discussed and used as evidence in court, which I never knew about. To refresh your memory on this whole story, you can read the court papers right here.

Well, back to 2014, and Huisgenoot’s new issue:

It’s a very well written article (by one of my favourite journalists/writers Dana Snyman), and if I read between the lines, I read how sad Jurie’s life is currently as he came to South Africa by himself, singing at supermarkets in the smallest of towns, and selling his own CD’s at a special price of R100 for 3 CD’s…

(There’s a lot more I read between the lines, but you’ll have to read it yourself. You can buy the digital issue of Huisgenoot right here)

Screen shot 2014-07-26 at 1.20.54 PM

But here’s the strange thing… the following sentence in the article:

Screen shot 2014-07-26 at 1.51.55 PM

Translation: Since being acquited in court, he hasn’t given any interviews to any magazines or newspapers.

So that to me means that this is the first interview (and quite insightful interview) he has given since 2008. To Huisgenoot. The very magazine and publishing house that he took to court for R5 000 000 but only walked away from with only R75 000. The very magazine and publishing house that apparently ruined his life and contributed in sending him “to hell and back”.

Would definitely not be my first choice for an exclusive interview…

Huisgenoot uploaded the latest cover to their Facebook page, and the comments make for VERY interesting reading once again… Clear to see that he still has his dedicated fans. Those that forgave him. And those that still don’t think he is not guilty…

But overall a great article, and written in true Dana Snyman style! But when you read it, see if you’re also reading between the lines what I did…


2 thoughts on “Huisgenoot, 31 July 2014

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  2. After Michelle Ferreira had this baby, Robbie Klay continued his relationship with her! So he did not make a mistake, he is enjoying sleeping with underage girls. Her father is still paying for his trips back and forth from America, where he lives with his “green card” wife Ruth. This is after all his second child. The saga continues!!

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