ELLE South Africa, September 2014

ELLE_September 2014

This will be a very sad issue for die-hard ELLE South Africa readers, as it’s the last issue of long standing editor Jackie Burger. For many people, ELLE South Africa is synonymous with Jackie. And Jackie is synonymous with ELLE South Africa. You can read her final Editor’s Letter below (just click on the image to open bigger, and read in detail).

With their July 2014 issue, I announced that Emilie Gambade will be taking over, and I also did a collection of compliments to Emilie, and sad messages to Jackie – make sure you read this post to get some more background information!

Good luck to Jackie on her new venture, and to Emilie with the big task ahead of her!

ELLE_September 2014


This is the 2nd time that actress Katie Holmes has appeared on the cover of ELLE South Africa in recent years (see below).

ELLE South Africa, September 2012

Elle 9 September 2012

ELLE South Africa

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