DESTINY, September 2014

Destiny_September 2014

Press Release:

Meet Dr Anna Mokgokong and her R18-billion-a-year empire!

For the past seven years, DESTINY magazine has brought readers engaging and powerful women who’ve taken advantage of what the dawn of democracy brought economically, Dr Anna Mokgokong is one such woman. Dr Mokgokong’s business empire has sizeable turnover of R18 billion a year.

The entrepreneurial bug bit while she was still in school where she sold sandwiches for pocket money. Later, as a medical student, she went on to start a retail business sellingleather handbags to fellow students, lecturers, teachers and nurses. The proceeds from the sale of this business are what provided a springboard into a much wider business. After graduating, she established a medical centre which went on to service over 40 000 people.

Her business empire now spans healthcare, technology, logistics, mining and energy. She is one of the founding members and Group Executive Chairperson of Community Investment Holdings, Chairperson of Jasco Electronics Holdings and Executive Chairperson of Afrocentric Investment Corporation and Air Liquide Healthcare.

To read more about Dr Anna Mokgokong and many more inspiring South Africans, get the September 2014 issue of DESTINY magazine, available at all reputable retailers or, to subscribe,visit:


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