YOU, 18 September 2014

YOU_18 September 2014

So when I first saw the new YOU cover, I was of course quite shocked as it is almost identical to the HELLO! cover that was already on shelves last week Friday (5 September 2014) – see below. I mean, the pictures are both the same, and in the same position ect ect.


But at the same time it just didn’t make sense to me why YOU would make an ‘error’ like this when they know that HELLO! (that is published internationally, and now also printed in South Africa to make it more affordable to us) has almost exactly the same cover, and they’re cover has been out a week before YOU is published…

But after some research, it all makes a bit more sense (I think)…

It seems like the Angelina Jolie / Brad Pitt PR-machine was at work here, and that the PR-machine sold certain issues to certain publications, and these specific two images HAD to be used on the covers, and HAD to be used in a specific way.

Very (VERY!) interesting!

So basically, YOU didn’t copy anyone, it’s just a pity for them that HELLO! is also available in South Africa at the same time as their international issues, and that HELLO! has been out for a week already with this cover. And now YOU comes out a week later, with the same cover, and the same “Exclusive”.

I’ll say it again, this PR-machine is very (VERY!) interesting to me…

Angelina Collage


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