SARIE, October 2014

Sarie - Oktober 2014

SARIE has a new ‘voorblad’-winner, and I agree, she’s beautiful! Monique Sutherland took the crown and her spreads and images in this issue is really beautiful (see below).

Screen shot 2014-09-16 at 9.22.00 AM

For this years competition, SARIE received more than 12 000 entries (according to the article, it’s 4 times more than last year, and in May 2014 their website received more than 7 000 000 page impressions!). It’s just a pity that all 12 000 entries weren’t of very high SARIE-standards (according to me…), and that the social media aspect actually became a bit of a joke. To see for yourself, you just have to read what I wrote about this part of the competition, right here (or click on the image below).


The Event in Tweets:

This year the winner is announced on SARIE’s October cover, and not the November cover as they’ve done for the past 3 years… You can view the covers and read the articles of the previous winners, below.

SARIE, November 2011

SARIE 13 November 2011

SARIE, November 2012

Sarie 11 November 2012

SARIE, November 2013

Sarie 11 November 2013


  • Issue: October 2014
  • On the cover: Monique Sutherland
  • Price: R33.50
  • Twitter: @SARIEtydskrif
  • Editor on Twitter: @MichVBreda

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