Business Day Sport Monthly, October 2014

BDSM 10 October 2014

For those of you who are not too sure who or what Business Day Sport Monthly is, it’s a premium quality multi-code sports monthly magazine. So basically, it covers a wide variety of sports, like what Sports Illustrated South African and SHM did – so now they’re basically the only sports magazine covering all sports…! The magazine is free with Business Day, once a month!

But now things are changing a bit – for the better! Sunday Times subscribers (massive subscriber database!) will now also receive this quality title free once a month, which will now be called Sunday Times / Business Day Sport Monthly. Sunday Times subscribers will receive it for free every third weekend of every month, starting next month.

BDSM have also produced some amazing covers which I’ve covered before, including:

Business Day Sport Monthly, August 2013

BDSM 8 August 2013

Business Day Sport Monthly, April 2013

BDSM 3 April 2013


Business Day Sport Monthly

  • Issue: October 2014
  • On the Cover: Quinton de Kock
  • Price: R29.95 (free in Business Day newspaper on second last Friday of the month)
  • Twitter: @BDSportmag
  • Editor on Twitter: @GaryLemke

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