Men’s Health South Africa, October 2014

Men's Health - October 2014 Mens Health 10 October 2014 2

I’ve been following the K2 Twins Alex and Charlie Kotze way before they became ‘famous’, so it’s really nice to see how they’ve shot out in the past few months, and have now got their very own Men’s Health South Africa cover. Each! Brilliantly timed by Men’s Health as they are just about everywhere now, and their fanbase is growing week aft week. But the best part? The covers are really hot (as true Men’s Health style), and it looks like a split cover, but it’s of course not. Really like it!

The twins also appear together on the “Guide to Style” flip cover of the same issue, and inside this issue, the K2 twins showcase this Summer’s hottest trends, plus share their workout tips.



And by looking at their tweets, they are extremely happy and proud 🙂

Men’s Health South Africa

  • Issue: October 2014
  • On the cover: Charlie Kotze and his twin brother Alex Kotze
  • Price: R45
  • Twitter: @MensHealthZA

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