Heat South Africa, 2 October 2014

Heat - 02 October 2014

What an incredibly sad and scary cover story about much loved Shashi Naidoo on this weeks Heat South Africa: SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Shashi’s rape attack horror! ‘Now I’m on antiretrovirals’

Good luck to Shashi in dealing with a situation like this!

I do however feel it’s important to point out that the cover could come across as a little misleading if you haven’t read the article as well… The reason why she’s currently on antiretrovirals  is “because there was blood exchanged during the fight due to the biting and scratching, even though he didn’t succeed in raping me, my doctor put me on a course of antiretroviral drugs as a precautionary measure”, Shashi explained to editor André Neveling in the article.

Screen shot 2014-09-26 at 10.44.08 AM

You can read more about this shocking story on TheJuice.co.za and YOU.co.za.

Heat South Africa

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