Heat South Africa, 23 October 2014

Heat - 23 October 2014

URGH! So tired of these types of Heat South Africa covers, and with the same people over and over! What do I mean, you ask?

Well, in February this year, June ShannonAjay Rochester and Gemma Collins (you can click the links to view their cover-archives on my website) all appeared on the cover of Heat South Africa with the cover line “Body Panics!”. But it doesn’t stop there…

Heat South Africa, 27 February 2014

Heat 1.9 27 February 2014

A year ago Mama June and Ajay had a “WEIGHT WARS!” on the cover of their 4 July 2013 issue.

Heat South Africa, 4 July 2013

Heat 3.5 4 July 2013

But then it seems like Ajay is the favourite ‘bigger’ personality to appear on their covers (see below). As I understand, it might be a syndication situation with the International version of Heat, but still…

Heat South Africa, 3 October 2013

Heat 4.8 3 October 2013

Heat South Africa, 18 September 2014

Heat - 18 September 2014

Heat South Africa, 1 August 2013

Heat 3.9 1 August 2013

Heat South Africa

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