TASTE, November 2014 (100th ISSUE)


photo 1

Just more than a year ago, Woolworths TASTE magazine celebrated their 10th Birthday in style (see link and below), and with the November 2014 issue they’re celebrating their 100th issue! There are quite a few similarities between the covers (white background, dripping elements, gold finish on the cover), with the ‘model’ just taking a different form (and taste) :-).

But that’s about where the similarities end, as the celebrations are done quite differently in this November 2014 Collector’s Issue, and it’s quite a page-turner!

Woolworths TASTE, October 2013 (Their 10th Birthday)

Taste October

Amongst others, they’ve created “the perfect blend”… their own limited-edition bottle of wine! “TASTE columnist and Woolworths’ award-winning wine selector Allan Mullins combined his expert skills with those of Spier cellarmaster Frans Smit to blend a rather special wine that commemorates our hundredth issue.”

And Woolworths TASTE readers stand a chance to win one of ten cases of TASTE one hundred white blend. Click here to enter.

photo 2

The issue is also a bit different, as the TASTE Team created “The TASTE 100 List” which kept me busy for quite some time as I jumped from one number to another on the 29 pages, and actually learning quite a few new things a long the way…

photo 3

photo 1[1]

And four of their Food Editors got together to host the ultimate lunch party which I’m sure many people would pay a pretty penny to attend! Abigail Donnelly, Siba Mtongana, Hannah Lewry and Phillipa Cheifitz all came together “in one kitchen to create a festive feast offering plenty of delicious inspiration”! All of this in 16 pages of pure food-heaven!

And make sure you watch the great Top Billing segment in celebration of the 100th issue, and the below shoot:

photo 3[1]photo 4

What do you think of when you hear “100”? 100’s and 1000’s! And then throw in the mix their “100 most popular recipes” (as viewed on their website)! So sharp!

photo 2[1]

Cheers to the next 100 issues, TASTE!


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