Mine! shows their sister title YOU how it’s done…

mine! cancer cover

I know I’m a bit late with this, but thought it’s still worth posting something about Mine!’s latest issue, as it’s quite smart (and brave).

Smart, because they jumped on the YOU-Cancer-Cover bandwagon (see below) and produced a cover featuring a real cancer survivor, who is really bald (and not photoshopped).

And brave, because of their brave cover person (who is breast cancer patient Tania Hess), and also brave because they’re ‘taking on’ their sister title YOU magazine (and Huisgenoot) who received a lot of backlash for their decision to put photoshopped bald celebrities on their covers, and not ‘real’ people.

This was definitely a cover decision that was made post YOU-Cancer-Cover-debacle 🙂

YOU, 23 October 2014

YOU - 23 October 2014

Huisgenoot, 23 October 2014

Huisgenoot - 23 Oktober 2014

Press Release:


Recently launched mine! magazine, which celebrates real women with a policy to not feature celebrities or even photo-shopped pictures, celebrates the beauty and courage of a breast cancer patient Tania Hess on its latest cover.

30-year-old Hess, from Grassy Park in Cape Town, is currently battling breast cancer and appears bald, brave and beautiful on the latest cover as she shares her journey – including that cancer, her breasts, nor her hair (or lack thereof) defines her.

“As October was Breast Care Awareness month it was a natural decision for us to salute a woman fighting the disease with a cover feature. We believe that a woman like Hess has the power to raise awareness and bring encouragement to many other women fighting the disease. And doesn’t she just look stunning?” says editor of mine! magazine, Kay Karriem. “Tania reveals that she is still a woman, still smiling and still standing.”

Although one would expect for Hess to be sad and emotional, she told mine! magazine that is not who she is. She fights back with prayer, positivity and humour. For bald, brave and beautiful Hess, cancer is part of her journey, and although it is an incredibly tough ordeal, she refuses to live her life terrified of the illness. Cancer doesn’t necessarily spell death for her. She tries to live her life as normally as possible and remain the bubbly person everyone knows and loves.

For the full story of Hess’ inspirational journey and battle with cancer, get the latest issue of mine! magazine – on sale now.

Also join mine! on Facebook (MineMagazine), Twitter (@mine_mag) or visit www.minemag.co.za.


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