Food & Home Entertaining, December 2014

Food and Home 12 December 2014

Definitely a trifle a wouldn’t mind having this Christmas!!!

Food & Home Entertaining readers, who download the free LAYAR App, will also get to delve a bit deeper into this months issue (see press release below) as they introduce their first augmented reality issue, with tons of prizes up for grabs!

Press Release:

Food & Home Entertaining goes Interactive for Bumper Festive Edition!

South Africa’s leading monthly consumer food magazine, Food & Home Entertaining has gone interactive with its first augmented reality (AR) issue.

Using the free LAYAR App, available on Google Play and through the iTunes store, readers can learn how to make the festive fare inside, meet the editorial team and win their share of over R30,000 worth of prizes, which includes R13,500 in SPAR vouchers.

“As part of our ongoing mission to provide our readers with ‘in-the-know’ content, Food & Home Entertaining is full of innovative ways to take a classic dish and turn it on its head,” says editor, Andrea Pafitis-Hill. “And this is exactly what we have done with this year’s December issue: a tribute to all things festive. Woven throughout the issue are clear and simple directions for readers to either pick up their smartphone or tablet and engage in exciting interactive content or visit our website for additional information and handy instruction guides via icons positioned on the page.”

Going beyond print to provide the tech-savvy Food & Home Entertaining reader with a truly 360- degree experience is something that Jana Kleinloog, Digital Manager for Caxton Magazines enthuses about. “AR allows our readers to access the magazine’s wealth of foodie expertise, including loads of how-to videos viewed via the LAYAR app, featuring Food & Home Entertaining’s Food Editor Thulisa Martins, making festive mince-pie pops, Camembert and cranberry filo parcels and edible meringue wreaths, to name a few of the scrumptious delights on offer.”

In addition, instructions and tips are also available via the website for the more ‘crafty’ parts of the magazine, a section that is growing in popularity every month.

“We really have to thank SPAR for making this possible,” continues Pafitis-Hill. “SPAR Group Brands Manager Judith Gale immediately bought into the idea and then it was up to us and our Digital department to make this all possible. It was definitely a collaborative effort.”

“At Caxton we’ve always been about connecting with our readers and this month, we add another layer to that conversation. We’re by no means depriving our print readers, but for those who have access to the app and the website, we have even more festive treats to offer them. We’ve definitely gone all out for Christmas!” concludes Pafitis-Hill.

Food & Home Entertaining

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