Fresh Living, December 2014 (NOW IN AFRIKAANS AS KOOK EN KUIER!)

Fresh Living_December 2014

The December 2014 issue of Fresh Living is out, and with that, Afrikaans readers are also getting an early Christmas present with their own Afrikaans version, called Kook en Kuier!

I’ve reported about the Afrikaans version arriving, in August already, but here’s the thing: The names they proposed and gave readers the option of voting for, didn’t make the cut in the end…


I must admit that Kook en Kuier is a lot better than any of the other suggestions they had previously! But still quite interesting that they went a different route from the suggested names…

Well, congratulations to the team still! I tried to get my hands on an Afrikaans copy during the week, but could only find English copies… maybe they’re starting with a small print run, and only in the very Afrikaans stores. But still looking forward to get it, to see how “Fresh Living” reads as “Kook en Kuier” 🙂

Fresh Living / Kook en Kuier

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