Lose It!, Volume 4

Lose it! Volume 4

In the new issue of Lose It!, Suzy Brokensha has some really exciting news to share with her LCHF/Banting readers! You can read her full Editor’s Letter below, but here are the highlights to me:

  • Lose It! has become so popular, that 4 times a year just wasn’t good enough, and readers wanted more! “You’ve been so insistent that we’ve decided to increase (Lose It!) to six issues a year“, Suzy announces. The next issue will then be on-shelf from 26 January 2015.
  • Lose It! has also announced their own… wait for it… Banting Bazaar! And on top of that, it will be a monthly bazaar! The Banting Bazaar will be “where you can stock up on everything you need in one place. We’ve tried so many excellent banging products that are not yet stocked by retailers – this is your change to sample them for yourself and choose the one you lit eh most, all under one roof”. The first bazaar takes place this coming Saturday, 6 December, from 9am – 2pm at 14 Hope Street, Gardens. (No mention whether the Banting Bazaar will only be in Cape Town in future, or move to Johannesburg ect also…). Great idea for Banting-lovers!

You can read her full letter, with more exciting news, below:

Lose it! Volume 4

Lose It!

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