Media24 closes two (new) English magazines; SARIE Food and Mine!

This week I learnt of the very quiet demise of two titles which were both only launched quite recently; SARIE Food and Mine!.

SARIE Food was a directly translations of SARIE Kos and officially launched with the April / May 2014 issue, and it’s last was the October / November 2014 issue: 4 bi-monthly issues only.

Mine! was an English version of VERY popular bi-weekly magazine Kuier, but it wan’t a direct translation. It catered kinda’ for the same market, but also new markets, and had different stories. But it was based on the same recipé as that of Kuier. It launched with the 6 August 2014 issue, and it’s last was the 26 November 2014 issue: 9 bi-weekly issues only.


When the new SARIE Kos December / January 2015 issue came out, I honestly didn’t even know that SARIE Food wasn’t being published anymore. Only when MediaSlut reader Gina asked the question “When will Sarie FOOD (English) Dec-Jan be on sale? Only Afrikaans version available”, and I asked the question, I heard about it…

I was of course quite shocked, as I was one of the most excited people when SARIE Food started off as an annual publication in April 2013, and then also when they announced that from the April / May 2014 issue, SARIE Food will also be published bi-monthly alongside SARIE Kos.

The press release still read:

For years English readers have never stopped asking for a translation of the very popular and multi-award-winning food magazine SARIE KOS. This month sees their wish becomes reality as SARIE FOOD, the English version, will be on sale together with SARIE KOS from 26 March 2014. SARIE FOOD is now also published six times a year with SARIE KOS.

Well, that wish didn’t last long… 😦

I couldn’t find any official announcement of it’s closure on it’s social media platforms, but it might have been that they announced it in the issue itself.

But they’re still referring to their Facebook page as SARIE KOS / FOOD… I would maybe suggest they then change the name of the group…

Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 3.35.26 PM


Everyone in the magazine industry knows about Kuier magazine, and the massive success story. And all publishers want to know “what are they doing right!?” and “how can we also quadruple our copy sales like them!?”.

That’s probably why Media24 thought it would be an easy job to launch a (relatively) English version of Kuier, call it Mine!, and wait for the copy sales to roll in… Seems like this was not the case, and for what reason I don’t know.

I personally think that basing a decision like this on only 9 bi-weekly issues, is a bit harsh towards those that worked so hard on it, and believed it in. Even Kuier took almost a year to really find it’s feet…!?

(With their 2nd last issue, Mine! was actually a bit cheeky by placing a real Cancer survivor who is bald, on their cover – in reference to the YOU / Lee-Ann Liebenberg debacle.)

At least Mine! published on the cover that it’s was their last issue, and most probably in the Ed’s letter as well…

Mine!, 26 November 2014 (Final Issue)

Mine last issue

On 21 November 2014, they also published the following on Facebook:

We have some very sad news today. Our last issue of mine goes on sale today for only R12.50.

The decision to close the magazine was out of our hands, but unavoidable.

We want to thank you, our loyal readers for the support and enthusiasm with which you received us, we greatly appreciate it. Thank you for going on this journey with us. Although it was short, we learnt a lot and it meant a great deal to us.

We hope you enjoy the very last issue of mine! and watch this space for the outstanding puzzle solutions and winners.

Team mine!

And by reading some of the comments, it’s clear that even though it was still early days, they had some real fans that loved Mine!…!

Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 3.58.17 PM Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 3.58.40 PM Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 3.59.03 PM

Tough times, people, tough times.

There have been no press releases about the above closures, but I doubt that there will be any staff affected.

Still a pity, though.

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