SARIE, February 2015

Sarie_Februarie 2015

Popular young Afrikaans actress Leandie du Randt is on the cover of SARIE exclaiming “VERLIEF, VERLOOF, VOLUIT!”. But she’s not engaged with Afrikaans singer/actor Robbie Wessels who she appeared with on the cover of Huisgenoot in 2012 proclaiming their romance (see below)… Nope, it’s with Afrikaans singer and presenter Bouwer Bosch.

These two seem to be everywhere in the past year! You see them in movies, music video’s, soapies (Binnelanders), reality shows (Strictly Come Dancine), comedy shows (Vrydag Nag Laat) magazine covers and articles, and they even write columns and their own books! Seems like together, they’re taking over South Africa’s entertainment industry

Huisgenoot, 11 October 2012

Huisgenoot 5.0 11 October 2012


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