Huisgenoot, 12 February 2015

Huisgenoot_12 Februarie 2015

Really, Ray Dylan? You have to run the media with every stage of your relationship(s)!? Even though it was already quite clear on the cover of Huisgenoot of 31 October 2013 (see below) that your relationship was over, when your latest ex AND the previous ex appeared on the cover TOGETHER, talking about you… This is all a little bit kômmin to me, I’m sorry…

Huisgenoot, 31 October 2013

Huisgenoot 5.2 31 October 2013

Huisgenoot, 30 June 2011

But wait, here’s the whole timeline, as told by Huisgenoot covers… Ray and Jeanine (Ex #1) talking about their baby that is on the way.

Huisgenoot 4.3 30 June 2011

Huisgenoot, 7 June 2012

Ray shows Huisgenoot readers his baby boy.

Huisgenoot 3.2 7 June 2012

Huisgenoot, 4 April 2013

10 months later, Jeanine cries on the cover of Huisgenoot, as they broke off the engagement.

Huisgenoot 2.2 4 April 2013

Huisgenoot, 16 May 2013

A few issue later, Ray does a PR stunt apologising to his fans if he disappointed them…

Huisgenoot 2.8 16 May 2013

Huisgenoot, 31 October 2013

Then a second (more recent?) ex comes onto the scene, and both exes go to Huisgenoot to talk about their relationship with Ray.

Huisgenoot 5.2 31 October 2013

All of this is very confusing for me, and very unnecessary to scream to the whole South Africa.


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