rooi rose, March 2015

Rooi Rose 3 March 2015

Nadia Valvekens, from Binnelanders, is on her 3rd rooi rose cover, proving to be very popular with the rooi rose readers! But actually also the Afrikaans SARIE readers, as she’s also appeared on 2 covers, just 1 year apart from each other. You can view her full archive here, and her rooi rose covers below. 

rooi rose, April 2012

Rooi Rose 4 April 2012 foldout

rooi rose, May 2011

Rooi Rose 7 May 2011

rooi rose

One thought on “rooi rose, March 2015

  1. ey ek wil net se my vrou, Diane James word 50 hierdie jaar en sy is n onsettende mooi vrou! Beeldskoon en lyk 20 jaar jonger. En dis nie net ek wat so se nie, sy kry hope komplimente. Sy kan sowaar n Cover girl wees om te wys dat ouer dames ook pragtig kan wees.

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