Heat South Africa’s flame is extinguished – LAST ISSUE ANNOUNCED

Heat Closing Down

Heat_5 March 2015

With just one tweet, Heat South Africa has announced that their last ever issue will be this coming Fridays’, as they will be CLOSING DOWN:

The speculations about their closing has been rife for quite a few years, as their circulation has been declining constantly, and their advertising sales non-existint.

There has been no official word from Media24, as yet, on how the staff will be affected.

UPDATE 27 February 2015: Above is the last cover of the last issue of Heat. It’s really a pity that the Bosses made the decision to kill it off IMMEDIATELY, as the Heat-team will now never have the opportunity to say a proper goodbye in the magazine. This issue when to print after the team heard the news, so there is zero, zip, zilch, none, nada, niks, nothing in this last issue referring to it being the last 😦 So they’ve made the same error as with FHM’s last issue, where it’s riddled with invites for readers to contact them, and to subscribe.

I really wish publishers and Bosses would start following the Oprah Winfrey magazine example of closing down a magazine!

Captain jumping ship?

André Neveling has been the editor of Heat South Africa since April 2012. The Editor and Publisher are usually the 1st to hear the alarm bells when a title is being looked at for the possible Chop… I’m not saying that’s why, but it would make sense why André has been investigating other options for a while…

André tweeted about new beginnings on 20 January 2015

On 22 January, he Instagrammed and Tweeted that he has resigned as editor of Heat South Africa “to join Dubai’s celebrity weekly Ahlan!, in the UAE (Dubai)”. 

He also said farewell to his CliffCentral family, where he had a small slot called The Heat Show

And as the news spread around the closure of Heat, André was busy packing his bags for Dubai

Whether he knew something was coming, or not, it doesn’t matter now. I wish him all the luck in the world in his new position at Ahlan! in Dubai!

How did staff and ex-staff respond to the closure?

Melinda Shaw, Founding Editor

Tiffany Hopkins, Production, Freelance Office Oracle

Sandi Blouse

Sonja Raath, Ex-News Editor

André Neveling, Editor

Mitch Williams

A lot of the current and ex-staff just retweeted Heat’s original tweet at the very top.

The positives remarks about Heat’s closure

Negative remarks

Funny/interesting remarks

The Ups and MANY Downs of Heat South Africa

2012, Q1 2012, Q4 2013, Q4 2014, Q4
30 193 27 945 28 446 24 842


Channel24 taken the place of Heat?

Channel24 published the following article today, to announce their marriage with The Juice “as we bid a sad farewell to heat”

Media24 on Monday announced plans to close celebrity niche magazine heat.

The company said this was in line with a clear plan to accelerate its digital-first strategy to best serve its fast growing digital audiences while consolidating its print portfolio behind its strongest brands.

“It is always difficult to close a magazine but international and local trends show that celebrity-only print titles are in decline,” said Minette Ferreira, head of Media24’s weekly magazines. “Many of our print titles have excellent celebrity content and we believe heat readers will migrate to incredibly powerful brands such as YOU and Grazia. For breaking celebrity news the internet has become the source for celebrity junkies and we are well positioned to capitalise on this through our fast-growing celebrity sites,” she added.

To build digital scale, Media24 celebrity sites Channel24 (www.channel24.co.za), and The Juice (www.thejuice.co.za) will soon merge to become a one-stop celebrity megasite, with a strong focus on South African stars.

Lisa MacLeod, Media24’s head of digital publishing, said: “Media24 is constantly evolving, and we go where our readers are. We are expanding our content offering on digital platforms as we develop a greater understanding of how our readers are consuming content and how we can best meet these needs.”

MacLeod said that the move was a further step in the company’s digital-first strategy. “The merger of Channel24 and The Juice supports our multiplatform publishing approach and our clear mission to service our valued customers on any device at any time.”

Ferreira said staff have been informed about heat’s closure. “We will try as far as possible to accommodate them in alternative positions.”

The last edition of heat will be on street from 27 February.

Even though I was sometimes very harsh on Heat, at the same time I quite enjoyed their articles, and their presentation of it. I wish the whole team all the best!

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