MediaSlut is taking a break…

MediaSlut Pause 2

You might have noticed that MediaSlut has gone quiet recently. The reason is that I took a break from Slutting the Media, and will continue to do so far an unknown duration. I’m doing this to re-evaluate what I’m doing, and the purpose of it.

I’ll still be on Twitter to give the odd commentary ect. (@MediaSlut)

Over the past 5 years, I’ve written/posted 3 182 posts about the South African magazine industry. A lot of them were just generic posts with the cover and tagging the cover personality (this way creating, I think, the biggest South African database of easily findable covers for reference purposes, and also an amazing archive of cover personalities, especially South African). But a big majority of my posts were also in-depth analysis and coverage of a specific issue, or title, giving the reader insights they might never have had before, or great reference material for future publishers and journalism students.

I strongly believe I’ve served a purpose, and I thank my fans (and the haters), readers and the magazine publishers who have supported me. This was a one-man-show from the beginning, with me keeping an eye on all that goes on in the South African market, and creating and writing every single posts (with many many spelling errors… sorry). I haven’t received a sent during all of this, partly because I wanted to stay neutral between all the publishers. And also if magazine XYZ paid for advertising, and they did something crap, I might feel like I can’t say what I really think for fear of loosing their advertising income.

It was a massive labour of love. And I really loved doing it!

But it’s time for me to take a break from it. Possibly for a short period. Possibly permanently. That I can’t say yet.

MediaSlut the website will still be available and live until further notice, so please feel free to use it for reference or research purposes. And if you have any specific questions, or would appreciate my opinion on something, please feel free to get into contact with me via Twitter (@MediaSlut) or e-mail ( I would feel honoured to help.

My weekly column on MarkLives, MagLove, will still continue as always.

Until we meet again, cheers vir eers

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